Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Unicorn Is Real

Hi guys! We got three more Christmas inflatables on clearance, the cutest unicorn inflatable, an adorable English bulldog, and Poppy from trolls in front of a rainbow inflatable. While these inflatables were at half price and a great deal! I think paying the full price for the Poppy from Trolls is too much! The Inflatable is not very stable, and unless you are a fan, not worth the full price. These inflatables are perfect for a bulldog fan, unicorn blow up is so cute for any unicorn fan. The poppy blow up is perfect for a fan of the movie Trolls. Aaron was excited to share his new Elf on the shelf he got on Ebay, a girl elf to add to his Elf collection.

Walmarts Christmas clearance usually holds many treasures in the form of discounted Christmas inflatables and blow ups but this year, they seemed to not have enough inflatables to go around and started to sell out before it was even Christmas, so they would have nothing left.

Let us know which one of these airblown gemmy Christmas blow ups is your favorite, we are happy to add them to our Christmas inflatable collection and display.

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Clearance Christmas Inflatable Blow ups Unicorn English Bulldog & Poppy Trolls Blow up Too EXPENSIVE