COLOR-CHANGING Unicorn Plush!! How to Make Cutest DIY Unicorn Crafts!

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A DIY unicorn sock plush tutorial was way overdue and I’m really happy with how this turned out! I decided to give it an extra twist with some color-changing hair. Of course, if you’re making this for babies or small children then you should leave out the color-changing part since it involves powdered UV pigments. This is surprisingly easy to make, especially compared to other plushie methods. There’s no pattern tracing, cutting or pinning required at all. The most time-consuming part is actually making the unicorn horn using needlefelt. If that’s too much work, then you can always make it from paper clay or use a ready-made fabric horn instead.
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*You can get fluffy socks from lots of discount shops or large supermarkets. The ones I used in this video were from Primark
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UV Pigment PINK:
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