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When Alice becomes her parents’ party planner, she gives Unicorn the job of “party enjoyer” but things do not end up going as party planned.

Go Away, Unicorn! follows the hilarious adventures of an A-type girl named Alice, and her incorrigible BFF, Unicorn.

Alice wasn’t interested in anything “girly” like rainbows, glitter, and especially unicorns, until a real live unicorn declared himself her new BFF! This wacky party animal is going to make sure Alice squeezes some fun into her hectic schedule. Alice grows to love Unicorn, even though he sometimes causes so much trouble she can’t help but shout, “Go Away, Unicorn!”

Stars: Rebecca Husain, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jennifer Hale

Rebecca Husain as Alice
Chris Diamantopoulos as Unicorn
Jennifer Hale as Hug
Josette Halpert as Pixie
Varun Saranga as Ollie
Deven Christian Mack as Chaz
Ron Pardo as Mascot
Colin Mochrie as Mr. Opus