Little Girls' Unicorn Room Tour ? ?

We finally did a tour of my little unicorns room. ofcourse she had to do it herself ofcourse with some help.
Here are a few plugs that I could remember. Feel free to ask for anything that is not included?
•Door unicorn plaque- casadahlia
•Name tag- hello.self
•Bed- impala furnitures
•Unicorn rug- Smart baby
•My little pony rug- thrifted
•Study desk and chair- carrefour
•Unicorn bedding- halisihomeandliving
•Unicorn stuffed toy- Mr price home
•Step stool- Orcadeco
•Bookshelves- up cycled spice racks
Here is how I upcycled them:
•Lampshade- cozy spot
Here is how I DIYed it to take it from plain to unicorn themed:
•Recliner couch- victoria courts
,•Tv mounting- house of royalty
•Unicorn decal- @halisihomeandliving
•Curtains- Tacc

I hope you enjoyed this, if you did let me know by ? and commenting.
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Lots of love

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