STATIONERY SHOPPING August 2020 * Unicorn and Rainbow Themed Stationery and More

#iamSIGH went on STATIONERY SHOPPING this August 2020 for Unicorn and Rainbow Themed Stationery and More

This is a Fun episode where I did some stationery shopping at MAX Fashion, CARREFOUR, Dollar Plus and Claire’s in City Centre Mall Come shop with me!

Do you love shopping for #Stationery? Enjoy this #StationeryShopping and let’s see the cute finds such as unicorn, rainbow, pastel themed stationery, lots of colorful pens and interesting notebooks.

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This YouTube video is not sponsored by any of the stores featured. Nor this channel and video is not owned, endorsed, or affiliated with such stores featured. I just love the brand and their products and I personally want to share about them to other people.

Live, Love, Laugh at first…

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